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President Obama: “My Brother’s Keeper”

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

President Barack Obama recently announced a new initiative, involving the White House and various foundations, called My Brother’s Keeper.

A related fact sheet highlights discrepancies in average reading proficiency — for example at the fourth-grade level — as one manifestation of (and factor contributing to) unequal opportunities for boys and young men who are black and Hispanic.

The fact sheet concludes that My Brother’s Keeper, “is focused on unlocking the full potential of boys and young men of color – something that will not only benefit them, but all Americans.  The Task Force and new private sector partnership will take a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to building ladders of opportunity.  Both the Task Force and the partnership will take action immediately while planning for long-term success.”

Library Innovation

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

The New York Public Library’s innovations have been the subject of blog posts in September 2013 and June 2012.

Now, the Boston Public Library has made news in a March 2014 New York Times article about its renovation of both its space and its approach, after a January 2014 Times article about BiblioTech – a digital library in Bexar County/San Antonio.

November 2011 and December 2010 posts addressed related developments.

In addition, this website’s News/Events page carried news, via Robert Darnton’s New York Review of Books article, of the April 2013 launch of the Digital Public Library of America.

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