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Math and Technology, Literacy and Jobs

Monday, March 30th, 2015

While math literacy — or numeracy — is often recognized as central to education and employment, too many students fall behind early in their math learning and/or don’t see the relevance of math in their lives.

Some parents, as well as teachers and students, are skeptical of or even intimidated by the pace of math standards.  Boys may be at particular risk, on average, of falling behind without effective interventions.

Math and reading skills are related, not least in the area of word problems, which at the right level can help boost math understanding in parallel with equations and graphical representations.

“TechHire”  is an effort to enhance preparation and placement of candidates for high-tech jobs, in some cases through accelerated programs to strengthen math and computing skills.  Not only the K-12 sector, community colleges, colleges and universities have a role to play with companies; nonprofits such as Per Scholas can help.

Such issues and developments will be considered at an April 29 Literacy Forum exploring, “Why Is Math Important?”

The event will feature a panel of educators and businesspeople — including an accountant and a panel moderator with a long career in the computer industry before he launched the nonprofit Concepts for Adaptive Learning.


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