Computer Instruction and / or Equipment

Concepts for Adaptive Learning

Concepts for Adaptive Learning (CfAL) is a New Haven, CT-based non-profit organization, founded in 2001, to help improve the education of disadvantaged public school children throughout the state’s largest under-performing school districts. CfAL is unique in that it uses the resources of technology as the primary strategy for achieving its mission. CfAL has adopted a holistic framework for improving educational outcomes. The framework includes projects and programs for students, educators, parents and the community. We install computers and computer related equipment, integrate educational software in the classrooms and homes, and train teachers, students and parents.

New Haven Public Library Computer Instruction

The mission of the New Haven Free Public Library is to ensure all New Haven’s citizens have full and unlimited access to information and knowledge so that they may meet the needs of daily living, have opportunities for self-education, and participate successfully in self-government.

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