The mission of the Literacy Coalition of Greater New Haven is to promote, support, and advance literacy in the region.


  • Support literacy for all ages;
  • Attract volunteers as reading tutors, computer instructors, grant-writers, office assistants, and more;
  • Build financial resources of participating organizations by linking them to donors;
  • Collect and disseminate information about area literacy initiatives;
  • Collaborate with area literacy organizations;
  • Promote the professional development of literacy providers; and
  • Inform learners about the resources of those providers and how to get help.

How We Work

As a broad Coalition of volunteers across the region, we aim to:

  • Communicate to the general public as well as public officials and news media about literacy challenges, programs, and ways to help.
  • Convene forums for providers to share information, build relationships, realize efficiencies and develop resources.


In 2001, a task force of literacy providers was formed to identify issues and develop an agenda to respond to related needs. The Literacy Coalition was a product of that task force. It was organized in 2003 to galvanize local providers who were dedicated to raising public awareness and engaging the community around improving literacy.

In 2009, the Coalition joined as a founding partner in the Literacy Resource Center at 4 Science Park in New Haven, a hub for free tutoring, books, computer classes, and employment support services.

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